Trigeminal Neuralgia Case Study

The following chronic case of trigeminal neuralgia is cured by the constitutional homeopathic treatment which individualizes the patient as specific individual. The patient visited so many doctors and reputed pain clinics and leading hospitals for 3-4 years, wasted so much time , energy and money  without any lasting relief. The case describes  a middle age, homely,devoted mother of two, who has everything a woman can ask for. She had been married in a wealthy family, had a caring husband, two loving teenage children, apparently contented in her life space situation, but constantly facing the horrors and agonies of the left-sided trigeminal neuralgia.

 Alas!!!  Imagine the misery and distress of such a woman who is supposed to be so happy for all God has given her, but constantly tormented by such severe excruciating pains when she laughs, or brushes her teeth or even yawns!!!..….Any routine activity can trigger her pain, she cannot be too prepared to handle her evil tormentor. Such a woman is constantly irritable for she never knows when this demonic pain will haunt her and make her life a living hell.

Such are the evils of TN, or for that matter any intractable and lingering complaint that produces so much pain in its wake, uncontrolled by any medicine or surgery. Over the years this demon of pain affects the nature and outlook of the patient. A supposedly happy and graceful person becomes an angry irritable individual who cannot enjoy life because of the lingering pain.

A 41 year old married female, a homemaker, and mother of two came for consultation of her left-sided facial pain( already diagnosed as Trigeminal Neuralgia by neurologists) on 24th June 2013. She suffered from excruciating pain in left side of face , which was aggravated by noise(3+), laughing and even yawning. Any of this can lead to the paroxysm of severe pain. The patient also complained of the following:

  • Pain in left lower limb, ventral aspect.( Left sided Sciatica)
  • Obstructed flatus (gas), with rumbling pains and vague abdominal discomfort.
  • Recurrent headaches due to gastric complaints.
  • Constipation, insufficient and unsatisfactory stool.
  • Left sided elbow pain.
  • LEFT -SIDEDNESS of most complaints.( a prominent physical general).

The patient previously consulted us for recurrent cough and could. She was treated with our individualistic medicine which relieved her cough and cold in the past. Her recurrent  pain in left lower limb was treated with another medicine in the past.

Her father suffered carcinoma rectum, and got that treated surgically.

 The physical generals of the patient: Her appetite, thirst and urine frequency were normal. The patient was not satisfied after bowel movements , and was constipated. She passed small amount of stools 2-3 times a day, but without satisfaction. She has gas pains in abdomen off and on. No specific food cravings or aversions. Her thermal reaction was CHILLY (2+)

                The patient  visited many doctors and pain clinics in last couple of years. The patient visited leading pain clinic and was diagnosed as neuralgic pain . likely to be Trigeminal Neuralgia. She was prescribed a couple of combination medicines for a week. The patient was advised MRI Brain by a neurologist on 15th april2013. The MRI gave impressions of FEW SUBCORTICAL AND PERIVENTRICULAR WHITE MATTER HYPERINTENSITIES LIKELY TO BE ISHCHAEMIC.

                She was not relieved of her pain after this treatment. She consulted a leading Delhi-based Hospital on 24th April 2013, and the leading neurologist advised the same medicines mentioned above along with a tablet which is considered to be a smooth muscle relaxant. The treatment didn’t produce any lasting relief and she consulted an another hospital . The treatment was  almost same as above as conventional medicine has limitations in treatment of TN.  The typical combination of drugs are pain-killers, antacids, muscle relaxant and nerve tonics. These are of little use to patients of TN.

Imagine the shock of the patient who was told by leading neurologists and reputed hospitals that SHE WILL HAVE TO LIVE WITH THIS PAIN NOW. The patient lost all hope and faith in the conventional medicine, she was tired of taking all kinds of allopathic treatment. Her pain was still unbearable. However she had taken homoeopathic treatment with benefit in the past for her cough, cold and sciatica pain, so she was very hopeful that homoeopathy will prove efficacious in her  complaint.

The patient presented characteristic mental symptoms. She was desirous of orderliness in her household and seek perfection in the routine domestic chores. She would notice even tiny speck of dirt in corner of the furniture and scolded the maid on this account.(FASTIDIOUS 3+)

She was very IRRITABLE  and lose temper frequently when things don’t work out according to her. She was decidedly angered by contradiction. Whenever her maid came late for work, she was very angry as this breaks the order of her house. Otherwise the patient was a happy rich woman with two bright kids. She was very AMBITIOUS for her children, took lot of interest in their career prospective.

On 26th June, the patient was first prescribed our constitutional dose. On 1st July, patient reported slight relief for couple of days, but then the pain returned. This was not the improvement desired by all. The case was re-analyzed, taking the patient picture as a whole and giving due importance to the characteristic mentals. The pain was aggravated by noise and yawning. The mental picture matched the profile of another homeopathic medicine perfectly.

Symptoms that guided to selection of the medicine:

  •  CHILLINESS (2+)
  •  Headache of gastric origin
  •  flatulence

These symptoms again favoured and singled out the medicine as the remedy for the patient. So after re- case taking, the patient was prescribed the same. A week later, the patient-reported much relief in pain. The marked improvement  re-stregthened our prescription. The patient still had obstructed flatulence and gastric pains here and there which were ameliorated by pressure. On pressing anywhere on abdomen, patient had eructations( belching). She was continued on Nux Vomica which gave lasting relief.

 The patient still receives homoeopathic treatment and her attack of TN had returned after 6 months, the pain was not much severe. On the whole she was able to tolerate pain well and it was controlled within a week.  There after she didn’t suffer any attack. She is able to control her temper well and has become a pleasant individual again.

 The patient is now able to enjoy her life and appreciate the quality of life in all its aspects without the fear of return of her evil tormentor that use to haunt her and make her life miserable.

The case shows that constitutional treatment which brings real cure and lasting improvement. This is one of the best cases to show the magical and magnificent power of the small globules of homeopathic medicine.

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