Sinusitis: Case Study

Case Study

A 31 year old male patient came our clinic on 21st June 2018 for treatment of sinusitis.
The patient came with the complaint of nasal obstruction and pain in the throat. There was watery discharge from the nose. The nasal obstruction was to such an extent that he was forced to use nasal drops..
On examination – There was polyp formation in the left nostrils in the left nose. The tonsils were also enlarged.
Homoeopathic  system of medicine being holistic in nature requires deep understanding of the person.  So on further understanding the person we could see that the patient was very disciplined and sincere in all his doings. The degree of sensitiveness of the patient was also very high.
The findings of the ncct pns are as follows :
  • DNS to the right with bony spur .
  • Panasinusitis
So after taking the entire case a genetic constitutional medicine was prescribed.  Along with the medicine the patient was asked to take few precaution as in his diet he has to  avoid cold , fried and sour food items. He has to do regular deep breathing exercises.
Within few weeks of treatment there was marked improvement seen in the health of the patient.
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