Plantar Warts

 Plantar Warts

What are Plantar Warts?

  1. A Plantar Wart also known as verruca plantarus is a wart caused by Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Type 1,2,4,63. Occurs on the sole or toes of the foot. These are benign epithelial tumors.

Anatomy of Plantar Warts:

Mode of Infection:

The virus attacks compromised skin through direct contact ( through cuts & abrasions) because of pressure the wart is pushed inwards and a layer of hard skin may form over the wart.


It is a very painful condition, appearing as cauliflower like lesions with tiny black petechiae in the centre. The lesions made standing or walking extremely painful.

What does a Plantar wart look like:

Plantar Warts

Treatment/ Management:

The conventional treatment consists of:
  1. Over the counter keratolytic chemicals like salicylic acid which peel away dead skin over weeks.
  2.  The popular treatment is cryosurgery( which act by freezing the internal cell structure of warts and destroying the live tissue).
  3. Electrodissection
  4. Laser Surgery
  5. Cauterization( risks scars & keloids).
  6. Immunotherapy( internal injection of antigens), breomycin and surgerical exercise.
The effectiveness of these methods vary and inevitably followed by recurrences.
According to homoeopathic concept plantar warts are classified as one-sided diseases. Below is a typical example of plantar warts cured by homoeopathy when surgery failed.
Click here to glance through a complete and successful case of Plantar Warts
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