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Gastritis Treatment


Gastritis is a condition where there is severe irritation within the stomach due to inflamation in the stomach Gastritis is of 2 types acute or chronic.
Acute Gastritis:
It is characterized by inflammation of the lining of the stomach. It causes can be caused due to bacterial and viral infections.
Chronic Gastritis:-
Adverse condition of Gastritis. Excessive caffeine, alcohol, and certain infections can cause chronic gastritis.
Upper abdominal pain.
Weight loss with apetite loss
Gastritis can be a symptom of an underlying disease like H. pylori infection, bile reflux disease, pernicious anemia, autoimmune gastritis, and others.
Generally, antacids, and Proton Pump Inhibiters are prescribed for gastritis. In homeopathy, the root cause is identified and hence an appropriate treatment is offered.
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If Ignored
If left untreated, condition may worsen and symptoms become rather severe with graded up inflamation of stomach lining. If the condition is neglected, probability of stomach cancer also becomes higher.


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