Homeopathy For Diabetes

Diabetes Treatment

Diabetes, even referred to by diabetes-mellitus, is a disease in which a person develops blood-glucose levels over a period of time due to inadequate production of insulin by the pancreas.  Common symptoms are frequent urination with increased thirst and hunger.
Diabetes can be classified into 3 types;- Type1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, and gestational diabetes. In Type1 diabetes, also called insulin-dependent diabetes, the pancreas fail to produce enough insulin. Type 2 diabetes occurs due to insulin resistance by the body cells. Gestational diabetes occurs in pregnant women causing high blood-sugar levels.
Hyperglycemia-High blood sugar levels
Hypoglycemia-Low Blood Sugar Levels
High blood-sugar levels can have adverse effects on eyes causing blindness in extreme cases.  High blood sugar levels even cause diabetic retinopathy wherein adverse effect is portrayed on eyes with even blindness . Other complications may include increased risk of cardiovascular ailments. Damage to kidneys can also occur is also one of the adverse effect caused.
In the management of diabetes, homeopathy has proved to have a very efficient treatment. It helps the body by maintaining healthy blood-sugar levels without excess medication and minimizes the high blood sugar levels due to high dosage.
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If Ignored
Vision issues
Cardiovascular problems which may persist throughout the lifetime
Urinary and kidney infections
Adverse and worsened cases of symptoms may be observed.
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