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Allergies Treatment

It is a medical issue where the body’s immune system overreacts to some foreign substance which is usually harmless. Allergens can be plant pollen, dust, mites, pets, insect stings or food such as eggs, shell fish, grains or nuts.
This uncertain issue is often seasonal and becomes very troublesome in certain times of the year. Exposure to allergens during times when the body undergoes low immunity levels may also lead to developing allergies. When you come in contact with a foreign substance that is considered dangerous then it releases a chemical called histamine. The release of histamine can cause skin rashes, headache, sneezing,  swelling, nausea and diarrhea.
Anaphylaxis is an intense form of reaction and may be fatal  when the patient has anaphylactic shock. To avoid this, a patient has to stay away from known allergens.
If the allergen is something you breathe in, then you’ll affect your eyes, nose and lungs. If it is due to something you eat then it would be your mouth, stomach and intestines. In treating allergies your medical history is critical. Your medical history is the bridge between the various allergy test results and the allergy itself.. In case the skin and blood tests are inconclusive and not in accordance with the patient’s medical history then the  physical examination comes into existence.
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If Ignored
When allergies go untreated /Ignored it can eventually  lead to severe bronchitis, severe  sleep troubles: Sinus congestion, sneezing and nasal itching and twitching can disrupt sleep. Mood disorders: Ongoing symptoms and a lack of sleep may also trigger irritability and mood disorders, such as anxiety and depression — all of which can affect you regular lifestyle and well-being!!

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