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Family doctor is a person on whom your family trusts and considers him as one of their family members with whom he/she can discuss each and every problem, irrespective of a health problem or a personal problem. Because mind & body are interconnected, and because every problem leads to stress and in today’s time stress is the root cause of most of the diseases/ailments/problems. Which is why we believe that a doctor should be your best ally/friend/confidant.
Friendly atmosphere is our hallmark. In most of our cases, almost the whole family visits us for advice not just for various disorders, but, more importantly, to share their personal issues as well. We all know that most of the illnesses today are psychosomatic in nature hence, understanding patient’s mind helps us a great deal in resolving their physical illnesses.
 It is a fact of modern living that many a time interpersonal relationships amongst family members are in disharmony, leading to high stress levels, which, in turn, leads to disorders. It’s a vicious cycle where a family doctor can act as a bridge between family members by doing scientific counseling, and then giving appropriate medicine. This drastically improves the health of whole family, as many cases in our clinic have repeatedly proved.
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