Case Study of Epidermoid Cyst

Successful Case of Epidermoid Cyst

A female patient ( Mrs Neha Sachdeva) presented with a painless huge cystic swelling on the chest, on 28th August 2014. The swelling was located in the centre of chest , just above the sternum( breastbone).The patient also complained about following:
  1. Gastric distension, and emission of loud flatus.
  2. Itchy eruptions of face & scalp.
    Appearance of the patient – Greasy & pale face.
  No significant past history. Her mother had sinusitis. The patient was advised FNAC and the reports diagnosed Infected Epidermoid Cyst.
The physical generals include increased thirst, normal appetite, she desired sweets (+) and spicy food. Stools- She was constipated and skipped a day or two between bowel movements.
On further probing into the mental and emotional sphere, the patient was found to be hurried, sympathetic and optimistic.
After careful case analysis, the patient was prescribed  our medicine. After 15 days, the patient was better, both stools and cough were better.
On 5th September 2014, a suitable medicine had been given. After 4 days, the patient called to inform that the cyst bursted open with discharge of pus and blood. She was advised antiseptic dressing with calendula tincture. In a couple of the days the discharge turned serous( watery).
On 19th September-2014, the general condition of patient was much better and the cyst reduced almost 90% in size. The cyst vanished completely on 30th September 2014.


Significant Signs And Symptoms:

  1. Itchy eruptions on face & scalp
  2. Constipation, loud flatus
  3. Extremities warm to touch ( heat of palms & soles )
  4. Thirst for cold water.
  5. Positive attitude.
Thus a labeled surgical disease for which surgery is the only possible mode of treatment in the conventional medicine was cured by holistic and scientific approach of homoeopathy without using any surgical intervention. The patient was saved from lot of pain, heavy antibiotics and possible hospitalization if the surgery was performed. Moreover there was no scarring  after the homoeopathic treatment, which is a very important aspect for consideration,  especially is young female patients for aesthetic and cosmetic reasons. Homoepathy goes to the root of problem and prevents recurrences.
CCUBE HOMEOPATHY has been efficient in providing the cure for multiple such cases.
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