Case Study: MIGRAINE


A 30 years old lady came to our clinic on   /9/16 with complaint of severe right sided headache. She had been suffering from this severe headache for the past  14 years. After consulting a number of doctors and undergoing various investigation her headache was diagnosed as migraine. The patient was very distressed  with the episodes of the headache.
For the past 4 months the severity of the headache has increased after she had operated herself for gall stones. The headache is right sided and is mostly seen on vertex. The severity of pain was so much that it had compelled the patient to take regular seridon tablet. The aggravating factors for her headache were fasting and loss of sleep.
Along with headache the patient also complained of recurrent boils on the body and constipation.
Physical generals – The appetite of the patient was adequate. Thirst was good and she preferred drinking cold water. There was no problem in passing urine. Stools were constipated. She had craving for sweets.
Mental generals
  • The patient use to get very angry when someone contraindicated her things.
  • The patient was very disorganized in keeping her things.
  • The patient was very distressed about her headache.
  • So after taking the complete case a constitutional medicine was prescribed to the patient. In her next visit the constipation was better and there was slight improvement in the episodes of headache.
So after taking the medicines the episodes of headache were better and the patient was doing pretty well in her general health also.
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