Case Study Of Interstitial Lung Disease


The following is the case narration of an elderly female who consulted for sever cough and breathlessness was diagnosed as Interstitial Lung Disease on HRCT.

A 65 year old female, consulted for  treatment of her Interstitial Lung Disease, after taking endless allopathic treatment for her illness.
The patient visited on 8th January 2013, complained of severe breathlessness, cough , great weakness and loss of appetite since last 4 months. The breathlessness was so severe that walking a few steps caused shortness of breath, oppression of chest and the patient was compelled to rest.

        The illness dates back to 1992, when the patient suffered from Bilateral Pulmonary Koch’s ( Tuberculosis), for which she took 7 months of Anti-Tubercular Treatment ( ATT, with or without Pyrazinamide). The tuberculosis was treated adequately with aggressive allopathic medicinal regime, but the patient never recovered completely. She had episode of POST TUBERCULAR ACUTE EXACERBATION?? BRONCHIECTASIS(??) in 1996. The patient was again treated with strong antibiotics. She was not investigated and the attack recurred in 1999. 
homeopathic treatment of tuberculosis

This time the attack was so severe, the patient was miserable from cough, breathlessness. She was treated with antibiotics and bronchodilators. She also suffered from Allergic rhinitis in the past.

        Although the acute attack subsided, but the patient developed a tendency for recurrent coughs and colds since last 12 years.  No significant family history.

        The patient consulted a leading Pulmonologist, on 17/11/2011. The doctor advised Chest X-ray. The X-ray showed Tuberculosis. There was infiltration/ fibrosis and calcification in both upper and mid zones. The doctor further advised High Resolution CT scan on 18/11/2011.  The HRCT confirmed the diagnosis of post tubercular sequel with patchy areas of “ GROUND GLASS” appearance in lungs, likely overlying Interstitial Lung Disease. She was diagnosed with ILD with Post Tubercular Bronchiectasis, and prescribed the following treatment regimen for 10 days:
·         Tab Mucinac 600mg/ BD ( antibiotic)
·         Tab. Gudcef-CV 200 mg/BD ( antibiotic)
·         Tab ZI/ Azibact 500mg/ before lunch
·         Syrup Asthakind / TDS ( bronchodilator)
·         Capsule Flora B.C./ BD
·         Tab Telekast 10 mg/ post dinner.

This treatment was continued for a month with additions of Syrup Lupituss for the relentless cough and capsule Corcium plus for calcium supplement.

The patient was not at all relieved by the above treatment, rather she was driven out of her mind by consumption of a maze of tablets capsules and syrups. The sweet elderly was so bewildered by this multiplex of tablets that she had little appetite for the food that will nourish her health. In this situation she came to the refuge of mild and soothing homoeopathic treatment.

The patient was in great trouble due to her tormenting cough, with expectoration, severe breathlessness, aggravation on right side. The thermal reaction was chilly (2+), her appetite was normal but she was unable to eat because of plethora of medications. She had thirst but used to consume warm water only for precaution. She complained of great weakness. Stools and urine were normal. She desired sweets(2+), mangoes(3+), sweet porridge, warm food and drinks, although she was not able to eat because of side effects of allopathic medicines and antibiotics.

The patient was a very amiable and sweet natured woman, friendly, pleasant, good listener. She was a gracious and genial lady who liked to help others. Her entire life was dedicated to help others. She was always helpful and tried her level best to be conducive to her family. She worked hard at home and help her daughter-in-law, used to cook and clean house for the family. She served and cared so much for her ill husband, who survived 5-7 yrs after kidney transplant operation. She struggled very hard for him. Her husband died in 2003. There after she devoted herself to her kids, worked very hard. She had been a very diligent and laborious woman throughout her life. Presently she was unhappy about her daughter as she was not settled yet.

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